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Lisa Varga Entertainment (LVE) is a full-service production company founded in 2009 by Lisa Varga. Ms. Varga has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business and has a passion for creating cutting edge and compelling content. She brings Hollywood style storytelling and producing to all of her projects and is available in all markets. Ms. Varga has an extensive background in producing, writing, and creative development, as well as being in front of the camera as a host, model, spokesperson, and actress. Her goal is to help businesses, sports organizations, charities, and individuals reach a more profitable level, and gain more exposure by offering original content customized for their needs.

LVE has a strong focus on film and television, both scripted and unscripted, as well as content for various digital platforms and media outlets. With experience both in front of, and behind the camera, Lisa Varga has a competitive advantage and understands what is needed to make a project successful from every aspect.

Projects and Service

Lisa Varga Entertainment specializes in creating original content for the client, from concept to completion. Projects include: full-length feature films, short films, commercials, promotional videos, sales videos, live events, music events, documentaries, and docuseries. Ms. Varga also provides on-camera talent as a host, spokesperson, and actress, as well as offering courses in media coaching, and personal coaching.

LVE provides the following services for production: Creative development, writing, screenwriting, research, pre-production, filming, post-production, hosting, event planning, organizing charity events, and marketing. LVE has a partnership with an award-winning media marketing company, TJ21 Media Group, located in South Bend, Indiana. LVE also has employees in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Florida, and Chicago.

On-Camera Media Coaching and Personal Coaching

Lisa Varga has over 25 years of experience as an on-camera talent in the media, and in the entertainment industry. She is an expert when it comes to on-camera training, along with being a successful actress, host, spokesperson, and producer. Ms. Varga is the most sought after media coach in the Michiana area, as well as nation wide. She will be offering exclusive on-camera workshops for media training, as well as private coaching. Her clients include CEO’s, Business Owners, Doctors, Entertainers, Coaches, and Athletes.

Each coaching session will be customized to fit the need of each individual, group, or organization. A one-on-one coaching session can be booked in the privacy of your own home, in the workplace, or at the Lisa Varga Entertainment (LVE) studio, where Lisa Varga is the founder and CEO. Group workshops are also offered in the workplace or in the LVE studio, and will run from two to four hours in length. Participants will be coached on how to look and feel more comfortable, confident, and relaxed on camera. The sessions will prepare each participant to represent their company, brand, or individual identity in the best light possible for interviews, sales videos, commercials, social media posting, news segments, and live speaking engagements.

Every client will receive on-camera video training, which includes a playback and review of what was recorded in the session. They will also be guided on how to deliver the most powerful message effectively and skillfully for any situation. In addition, they will also receive image consulting for what to wear on camera, as well as discussing hairstyles, camera angles, and makeup for on-camera appearances. Each workshop or private coaching session will also include role-playing exercises for various interview situations, and media scenarios preparing each individual for any type of circumstance. The sessions will also prepare each individual on how to gain control in media interviews even though the host, or interviewer will be asking the questions.

Additional topics covered in the sessions include: learning new skills and techniques to develop a strong voice through inflection, tone, speed, articulation, word choice, and storytelling.  Participants will also work on refining their appearance, facial expressions, body language, and movement.

If you want to get more media coverage and exposure, it’s essential that you are seen and heard in the media on a regular basis. When you make yourself available to be on camera or speak in public, you are positioning yourself and your business to be successful and heard in a powerful way so that people take notice of what you have to say, and what your company has to offer.

The goal of media coaching is to help leaders become great communicators, and grow their business and brand. After completing a workshop or private coaching session, each individual will find their true voice and present themselves with more confidence, authenticity, and discover new skills to be the best leader, business owner, and person they can be. 


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*All media training services are customized and scheduled exclusively for each individual client or group. Once your request is received, someone will contact you.